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He'd office land line No. +91 761 411 6581
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Founded in (2017) by (S.Y. Quadri), (Q Best4U HR Services) is the pioneer of organized recruitment services in Jabalpur.

 Over the past a few years, we have acted as preferred talent acquisition partners to leading Indian businesses to emerge as the leading talent solutions provider. This combined with our role as trusted consultants for Indian professionals translates into our core capability – Building Careers. Building Organisation’s. As the demand for technical & professional employees continues to grow in numerous industries all around the India, Best4U Hr Services continues to answer the call.
Best4U Hr Services is proud of its long standing relationship in the industry and 75% of its revenues come through its existing clients.

Why Us?

Our team of professionals provides competent placement solutions to the clients

We efficiently use our resources optimally and provide the best to the clients

We have developed innovative interview techniques, which are handled by industry experts

We have a rich database of talent that can meet the different job requirements of the recruiting companies

We ensure with the help of our unmatched services, the candidates short-listed will be the best match for the prospective employers

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Teen Patti Bus Stand,In front of Madhur Coriar, Wright Town, Jbalpur
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S.Y. Quadri
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Terms and Conditions

1- हमारे यहां स्वयं कोई  Job नहीं दी जाती हम केवल आपको उन स्थानों की जानकारी देते हैं जहां जॉब उपलब्ध है या व्यापारियों से आपका संपर्क करवाते हैं जिन्हें एम्पलाई  की जरूरत है

2- हमारे यहां रजिस्ट्रेशन करवाने पर बेरोजगार युवाओं को उनकी योग्यता अनुसार फुल टाइम 8 घंटे, पार्ट टाइम 4 घंटे, या होमबेस ऑनलाइन जॉब दिलवाई जाती है ,

3-विनम्र निवेदन है कि जॉब के इच्छुक व्यक्ति ही हमारे यहां रजिस्ट्रेशन करवाएं हमारा काम केवल आपको सलाह देना है मानना या ना मानना आपके हाथ में है , निवेदन है कि सोच समझकर रजिस्ट्रेशन करवाएं रजिस्ट्रेशन करवाने के बाद किसी भी प्रकार का शुल्क वापस नहीं किया जाएगा

4-हमारे यहां मुख्यता ऑफिस वर्क, कंप्यूटर वर्क, मोबाइल फोन वर्क, इंटरनेट संबंधी काम, सलाह देने का काम, मैनेजमेंट का काम, ऐसे न्यूनतम 6 जगह इंटरव्यू करवाए जाते है

5-नौकरी लगने की परिस्थिति में पहले माह की सैलरी का 50% सुविधा शुल्क के रूप में जॉब प्लेसमेंट एजेंसी को दिया जाएगा

Welcome to  India’s leading online placement agency! This is one of the pioneer job portals playing a key role in connecting job seekers and recruiters. job my city bridges the gap between the recruiters and job seekers and connects the right company with right candidate. It is a trusted online placement consultancy with loads of opportunities for job seekers and companies offering employment services, job consultancy, and placement solutions. is a leading placement agency that maintains a large database of placement consultants and even international placement consultants whom the employers and job aspirants can approach to discuss their individual needs. They can choose from a huge database and find the placement company that promises to cater all their specific needs and requirement

Registration is necessary for all the candidates before any consideration.
we do not guarantee of arranging interview/providing a job within a specified period. Short-listing & calling a candidate for interview is solely ot the discretion of career solutions.
If any candidate is selected by our references and recommendations, he/she has to inform and endorse a copy of the appointment letter immediately to us for our record.
In case of selection of the candidates, Our Recruitment Service Charges shall be : The candidate will pay 50%  of the gross first month salary as our service charges in case of the Company where he is placed is not agreed with our terms of business & not paying our service charges.

The candidate will be liable to release our service charges within 7 days of the joining date either in cash or Online .
Candidate will not be considered for any vacancy in future :

o If the candidate does not attended the interviews, arranged by twice.

o If the candidate discloses the name of the vacancy/company name to anybody else for which he/she has been sent through .

If arranges any interview, then selected candidate will be liable to pay the said service charges if he/she joins the same job within three month.
If a candidate is selected for a job through he/she will be solely the employee of the concerning organization and will be not responsible for any legal/dispute or any other matter between the candidate and the organization.
The Registration is valid up to one year only from the date of Registration.
All subject to Jabalpur & Narsinghpur jurisdiction.

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Ranital Chowk Jabalpur
Contact Person
Dheeraj , Nanadni